The School of Culinary Arts - Ghana

The School of Culinary Arts – Ghana (SOCA) is a culinary art and hospitality training institution located in Accra, Ghana, one of Africa's burgeoning centers of hospitality and culinary excellence. SOCA was established in 2018 by seasoned Ghanaian restaurateur Sarah Femi Adetola in recognition of the need for an institution in Ghana capable of providing world class training to would be employees, service providers and entrepreneurs in Ghana's growing hospitality sector.
To provide world class training and instruction that is anchored by the tenets of technical excellence, professionalism and customer centricity in the areas of hospitality management and culinary arts with a view to producing graduates who are equipped to deal with the challenges and demands of today's hospitality industry and deliver at a high level. We do this by pairing state of the art facilities and seasoned instructors with a disciplined environment that encourages creativity, excellence and critical thinking.