Grungwerg Rockingham Forge RF8000 Series Knife Block Set- 6 Piece


Grungwerg Rockingham Forge RF8000 Series Knife Block Set- 6 Piece

As always, quality and durability are standard features of the Grunwerg range.

The Rockingham Forge Range brings quality to the kitchen. An excellent professional knife forged individually from high grade German stainless steel containing molybdenum and vanadium, elements only found in quality knives. With a bevelled edge, these knives are robust and long-lasting.

    Set Includes:

    • Paring Knife – a small all-purpose knife with a sharp point, ideal for all sorts of intricate and fiddly jobs. 
    • Chef’s Knife – A large, versatile, all-purpose knife. The blade has a straight edge from heel to half-way along the blade, when then gradually tapers towards the point. The blade is broad and strong, and the user can chop, using a rocking motion, with one hand, while controlling the blade with the other.
    • Carving Knife – Carving knives are long, and are available in a range of styles to suit the food to be carved. For joints of meat, a reasonably rigid blade is needed, with a sharp point to work around bones. Poultry requires a slightly more flexible blade, while cold meats require even more ‘spring’.
    • Bread Knife – A bread knife has a long, rigid, scalloped-edge blade ideal for tackling bread or foods with a hard surface and soft interior.
    • Utility Knife – An all-purpose knife that is bigger than a paring knife and smaller than a chef’s knife. It has a finer blade than a chef’s knife and is used for general kitchen work.

    Product care - recommended wash by hand.