SKK Round Wok


SKK Round Wok

Products are made of cast aluminum and feature our advanced non-stick coating Titanium 2000 Plus Non-Stick. Manufactured using the die casting process, which makes it possible to produce lightweight semi-finished bodies.

This, in turn, makes them light and easy to use while providing all of the advantages of cast aluminum cookware. The exceptional thermal conductivity and even heat distribution all the way to the edges of the cookware guarantee energy saving cooking. What's more, the advanced non-stick coating lets you prepare all of your dishes with very little fat. Series 3 products meet all of the demands of modern, healthy cooking.
  • PFOA - free Titanium 2000 Plus Non-Stick LIGHT Surface coating
  • Especially easy to handle because of less weight thanks die casting technique
  • Thermo base for superb cooking characteristics because of extremely good heat distribution from bottom to top
  • No warping of bases even at high temperaturs
  • Scratch resistant and durable non stick surface coating allowing low-fat healthy and tasty cooking
  • Easy to clean
  • Reinforced pouring rim for easy pouring of sauces
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